Due date

Dear Children,

One August afternoon in 2012, I found out that my wife, your mom, is bearing our first child. And that changed everything.

Together with your mom, we started thinking about what we will be giving to our children. We know and are confident that having a humble lifestyle while ensuring that you get the best education will never be a problem. We know that we will give you the space to grow that our own parents once gave us.

As much as we will try, we know that we may not always be around for you during every uncertain moment of your life. You may not always find us the most convincing – we were once like you. Mom and Dad are still rebelling against our own parents, your grandparents, in our own little ways.

Children, if you are reading this a decade of two later, this may come as a shock for you. At this moment, I do not think that Mom and I will ever be great parents. Mom was just a year into her job. Dad is still getting up to speed on his company. We are very conscious that we are bringing you into this world when we are barely getting started with life, figuring out what makes this world tick, and trying to succeed in our own unique ways.

You do have amazing grandparents. My parents will be taking very good care of you. Mom’s parents will be ready to show you a very different side of this world and where she grew up in. You will be very lucky to grow up in a metropolitan city and a suburb thousands of years old surrounded by agriculture.

The both of us will try very hard to prepare you for the next twenty years of your life. It will be the biggest challenge of our lives. We will make use of every lesson we have learnt, every tool at our disposal, and everyone we love – our friends and families – so that you will grow up understanding, appreciating the world as it is, and “make a dent in the universe” in your very own way.

These words are the culmination of what Mom and I discuss everyday during our journeys in life. These represent not lessons, wisdom, nor rules – they are merely little incidents, thinking about our own paths and about the world around us. It is our hope some of our words in this collection will inspire new perspectives to bring you through life’s most meaningful moments.


Why write

One of the things that I have always wanted to do is to document down my learning in the past few years.

I keep thinking that next year would be a better time to do so. When next year came, the following year will somehow seem like a better time to do so. I will never be able to properly detail down all that I have learnt if this continues.

While travelling in Europe last September, I took time to write and draw. Between the long train rides with my lovely wife, I tried to put my thoughts together. This blog will be an expansion of these ideas. I aim to create an eventual continuous evolvement of thinking and concepts about data.

At the same time, this blog would also contain snipplets and fragments about having a family. This looks to be interesting. 🙂