Always be selling

Even if you're not in a sales role, you still need to sell.

If you're an engineer, you'll soon find yourself selling to your manager about new approaches to a requested feature. As a physiotherapist, you would have found yourself trying to convince your patients to move those muscles even when they're home watching Netflix. Even if you're now the highest office in the nation, you would still need to table your policy, lobby them and their constituencies, and eventually win the support of the Senate/Parliament.

In other words, any time you need someone else to do something, even if you pay them, you'll need to sell. Just because you are pretty/talented/special/entitled doesn't mean you don't need to sell.

Yes, you can get by for a while not selling. But if you ever want to make a mark at what you do, you would need to sell.

Because there'll be a time you want an opportunity that may be seemingly beyond your payscale. There may come a time when your community is disadvantaged by a proposed zoning change and you need to unite your usually placid neighbours to vote against those changes. Perhaps, at some point, you may need to convince your aging parents to move in with you so that you may administer medical care to them more conveniently.

I don't need to go on. Knowing how to sell is perhaps the single most useful skill to have. It frequently helps turnaround a seemingly hopeless situation into a unbelievably advantageous one.

And, since this is a critical skill to have, don't just leave it to those pesky salespeople. Get good at it. Always be selling.



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