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Hello. I love building things revolving around a community. I investigate how technology impacts society. I work on projects that build clean energy products and services for consumers and enterprises.

On the side, I am building more effective ways for young children to learn the Chinese language with StoryChopsticks. We started delivering lessons online to children worldwide in 2021 and is now (October 2023) available as in-person classes to children living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am based in Singapore and work everywhere.

Find me on -

  1. Companies that I co-founded: JamiQ (exited 2013) and StoryChopsticks (Present)

Here is how you can reach me -

  1. WeChat (kelvinquee)

As a hobby, I build Web3 stuff to bring blockchain technologies to the masses. It is covered on BusinessInsider (Archived). I am learning to build games with Pico-8 (published on

Kelvin Quee

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